"I dream my painting and then I paint my dream" - Vincent Van Gogh.

Morgan has been particularly interested in how the ancient Minoans appear to show in their frescoes that they painted their dream existence:

'Their paintings both reflect current events and public mood, without showing women linked to children, either feeding them or holding them. Instead both men and women are shown in employment. This seems to suggest that though Minoan women clearly mothered children, their contributory roles were not limited. It may have even been the purpose of the frescoes to encourage the ideology that all roles were unlimited and that in using positive art imagery to inspire equality, the Minoans firmly communicated a 'We can do it' attitude we can still use today!'

Morgan is from London and lives in Norfolk. Employed working for a private company, she also life coaches, provides home improvements and interior design and paints! Most recently her work has been inspired by the ancient Minoans and the positive messages she believes they conveyed through their frescoes.

Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction), Member of Association for Coaching (MAC)